Clearing and Forwarding Services in Kenya


About Seacon

Seacon Kenya Limited is a wholly owned Kenyan company. It was registered and licensed to carry out the business of Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Consolidations, Transport, warehousing and any other related business in the Year of Our Lord 2001.

Seacon Kenya Limited was established by like minded directors, who for many years had worked in the industry. Out of realization that there were so many short comings in terms of freight handling and movements, they came together with only one objective. It was to give the importers effective and efficient, most personalized services based on their needs in the best way.

As times keep on changing, it was and is visioned that the clients of Seacon Kenya Limited have to keep on positively reaping the best of services as far as clearance of their shipments are concerned. Our aim is that our client’s extent goes as far as sourcing for what they require and putting same on board. Our responsibilities then start, monitoring, going through all legal formalities, organizing transport, warehousing and finally delivering as we keep our clients well posted on going-on. 





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